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Welcome to Aid


You are probably visiting this page because you are a friend of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. Our guess is you are also looking for ways to contribute to charity work in Ethiopia. The options are many and sometimes overwhelming and difficult to grip. We show you links to possibilities.


This website is based in Sweden and managed on a voluntary basis by father and daughter. There are no connections to any religious, political or other organization. This website will eventually list most organizations -big and small, private initiatives and other relevant charity work dedicated to Ethiopia.


We take no responsibility for contents.


Please feel free to contact us with suggestions and/or names of charity organizations we may have overlooked. 

Best wishes


Bengt and Gennet Herrman

Gothenburg, Sweden


News was opened in Jan           2011.  This web site now lists 277 links to other sites all connected with charity work in Ethiopia.



Father and daughter in Addis Ababa Dec 2010.




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