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Bridges of Hope

The most powerful way to change the life of a child is to empower the community in which that child lives. With our $35 a month sponsorship, you will provide food, clothing, medical assistance and education for an orphaned or vulnerable child and change his/her world.


Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Ending Hunger by supporting partnerships and activities overseas, influencing necessary changes in public policies, and deepening the involvement of Canadians.




Christian Children´s  Fund
Through our partnership, we develop participatory programs that build a community's ability to create and manage sustainable improvements. We help community members’ gain the skills needed to think about and manage workable solutions for their problems, themselves. CCFC Ethiopia has successfully graduated/consolidated one partner/program.




Skilled educators know how to make the most of reading materials to help children, youth and the community, learn to read and read to learn. CODE works with in-country partners and international reading experts to develop and deliver professional development to educators. More information on Skilled teachers, librarians, other educators.




Friends of South Omo

We too, CAN make a difference.  One, by one we can help to stop unnecessary tears.  Please take a moment to glance through the pages of our website and find out more about life in South Omo and how you too can be a Friend of South Omo!



Our global network is bringing quality education to every child in Ethiopia – one investment, one school, one teacher at a time. Join us.


Partners in the Horn of Africa

100% of all donations go directly to aid projects in Ethiopia. None of your donation goes to advertising (we don't do any), commissions (we don't pay any) or mailing, travel or administrative expenses (our Director's and private foundations pay these along with donating their time and expertise).
Our African Partner (usually an Ethiopian charity or a village) is required to contribute 15 to 20% of project costs
We focus our work in the more remote areas of the country
that are often ignored by other NGO’s.



Projects Abroad

You can experience volunteer development work on a Care placement in Ethiopia as part of a gap year in your education, a college summer vacation, on a career break, as part of an extended holiday or during your retirement. You could be a trained professional or totally new to the field. All we ask is that you have a passion for and a commitment to the work and to the people you are there to help.



Rotaplast Canada

Rotaplast Canada is a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides free reconstructive plastic surgery, dental treatments and speech therapy to children born with cleft lip and palate anomalies in developing countries. We promote self-sufficiency in the countries where we work by training local physicians, counseling families, and collaborating with health officials on the development of sustainable cleft palate programs.



Samaritan´s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse Canada and its Ethiopian church partner arrived here in 1999 with an offer to begin working with community members to build and install the filters – and ensuring their long-term effectiveness by also providing related health and hygiene training.

Some residents were skeptical, but not Ashete. The woman whose youthful smile belies her 45 years of diligently scratching out a living on a small patch of sun-baked ground was the first person in her community to ask for a BioSand Filter for her household.

“I was convinced after the demonstration,” Ashete said. “Previously we were often sick with typhoid and dysentery. Now that’s gone.”



World Relief

World Relief Canada’s Vision is to see people responding, with compassion and justice, to the needs of the poor, oppressed and suffering in ways that bring healing and transformation in the world’s poorest communities.


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