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Cheshire Foundation  

There are four Cheshire Services in Ethiopia, implementing a range of projects including vocational and educational skills training, physical and psychosocial rehabilitation, and advocacy and community integration.

For the implementation of disability focused projects there are four project offices based in Addis Ababa, Jimma, Bahir Dar and Dessie Towns. These projects are run by Cheshire Foundation Ethiopia.



Embracing Hope Ethiopia

We are committed to finding ways in which we can minister in holistic ways with children and their families who are the most vulnerable and find ways to help families to keep their children in their family of origin by coming alongside them in a supportive role, as well as helping to set orphans into families within an Ethiopian context.



Empress Mentewab School

Kate Fereday Eshete opened Empress Mentewab School in 2007. She and her Ethiopian family run the school as a non-profit, social enterprise to help their remote community in the northern Ethiopian Highlands.


Ethiopian YMCA Street Children´s Fund

The Ethiopian YMCA Children's Fund is an independent fund-raiser dedicated in raising funds to house, clothe, feed and educate close to 24,000 street children in Ethiopia. The YMCA, a non- profit organization, took on this effort in 1995 to benefit the disadvantaged orphaned children in the streets of Addis Ababa who call the YMCA home.


Gaia Association

Ethanol stoves in displaced communities 

After conducting pilot studies, CleanCook stoves are now being used by 3,400 Somali families in the Kebribeyah and Awbarre refugee camps. Many women say the stove is their most prized possession.

In 2005 the Ethiopian NGO, Gaia Association, was formed, employing Ethiopian staff in Addis Ababa, and refugee staff in the field who closely monitor the project.




HIWOT Integrated Development Association

HIDA works in selected areas/regions of Ethiopia to enable people infected and affected by HIV to become self-reliant and improve their livelihood.  HIDA also aims to protect others from contracting the HIV infection.



Hope Enterprises

The mission of HOPE Enterprises is to provide hope for the needy in Ethiopia through holistic human development. HOPE strives to help individuals in need to help themselves out of hopelessness.



Hope for Children

Hope for Children in Ethiopia (HCE) helps extremely poor children and children who are engaged in child labour with their different needs. They should be able to improve their living conditions and to live a stable life. This help includes financial and material support, medical help, counselling services and education.



Kidane Mehret Childrens Home

This home was founded around the year 1933 by a French Community. When these sisters left the country because of the war, Ma Soeur Marie Joseph Tasemma took over. She continued to work at the orphanage until she died on September 8th 1996 at the age of 94. Ma Soeur passed away to the Lord leaving 90 children aged between 4 and 18 years.

After the nun’s death, Cardinal Paulos Tsadua asked our Congregation, to take care of these children. The beginning was very difficult, but with God’s help who sowed in the hearts of many people the seed of generosity, this new home was built. It took us around three years to finish it and still there is always space for improvement.

The number of beneficiaries in our home at present is around 150 children. Their ages range from newly born babies up to 16 year olds.



Plan Ethiopia

Plan first started working in Ethiopia in November 1974, helping poor children gain wider access to health, education, protection and participation in the districts of Lalibela and Arba Minch. Having closed in 1977, Plan resumed operations in Ethiopia in October 1994. Since then Plan has maintained a consistent presence in the country.


SOS Childrens Village Addis Ababa


SOS Sahel Ethiopia

For over 20 years SOS Sahel Ethiopia has ensured a better future for smallholder farmers and pastoralists.


Win Souls for God

It is our approach to provide schooling opportunities for street children and children of the poorest parents in order to prevent streetism at its roots. We try to educate parents on childcare and child-psychology with the Bible as a base.
We also provide basic requirements like shelter, food, clothes (three times a year we give clothes for them at special occasions).

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