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Childfund Ireland

ChildFund Ireland and ChildFund Ethiopia have been development partners in grant- funded projects since 2004 when work began on a water project in Amhara region, just north of the capital Addis Ababa.  Since then some large and small have been successfully completed including a food security project in Wonago, a rural area about 400 kms south of Addis Ababa, and a recently completed three year programme providing a safety net for orphans and other vulnerable children affected by HIV & AIDS in the city of Addis Ababa.


Children in Crossfire

We work to impove young children's health by supporting organisations to train medical staff and provide equipment, treatment and food.  We focus on the inclusion and support of children with disabilities.


Christian Aid

Beset by widespread poverty, regular droughts and food shortages, Ethiopia's increasing population faces a daily struggle to survive. Each year more than eight million people need government food aid. We work with the poorest communities to develop long term agricultural resources and to improve access to clean water as well as tackle HIV issues.



Concern Worldwide

Our supporters and donors are so important. The time and money they donate means we can carry out vital work.



In 1987, GOAL registered as an international implementing NGO in Ethiopia, and has been delivering a range of relief, rehabilitation and development initiatives throughout the country ever since. With in excess of 25 years experience in implementing all kinds of humanitarian aid there, GOAL is now a strong and influential organisation in Ethiopia.


Irish Aid in Ethiopia

Irish Aid is the development assistance programme of the Government of Ireland. Irish Aid concentrates its support to development in ten countries: eight in Africa and two in Asia. The aid programme is focused on the poorest people in the world’s poorest countries – ensuring that families have food to eat and helping children to survive their first year and go to school. Ireland has been working in Ethiopia since 1994.


Meseret Care Fund

Meseret Care Fund (MCF) is an organization set up in late 2007 by a group of concerned friends who wished to contribute to combating the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, particularly the social and economic impacts on the poorest families, and on the education of children, often exacerbating the cycle of poverty. 


Misean Cara

The residents of the Kebeles live packed together between plastered wooden walls and under tin roofs. The majority of their homes are in a state of disrepair. Less than half the population have access to a latrine and sewage flows uncovered through the narrow streets and alleys. The fragile urban economy provides many with only the barest subsistence. Women headed households which make up one third of the total of the community, are the most vulnerable, and it is women and children who most suffer the consequences of poverty. Some are able to make a living selling firewood, dried peppers or lentils, the most unfortunate have few options other than begging and prostitution.


Plan Ireland

Plan first started working in Ethiopia in 1974, to help poor children to access their rights to health, education, protection and participation.

We promote child rights and work to ensure that children, families and communities are active participants in their own development – from identifying problems to implementing solutions.


Schools for Vita

Vita has introduced a Weaving Cooperative in Shama which is in the southwest highlands of Ethiopia. The weaving co-op is a means of income for families who are landless in the region.

There are 60 members of the weaving co-op. The members carry out farm work during the early morning and day time hours and then come to work at the weaving co-op from 2pm-10pm. There is a generator that provides electricity to the weaving shed until 10pm otherwise the work would have to stop at dusk.


Self Help Africa

The projects currently underway are an integrated rural development programme at Sodo II - which is a continuation of earlier work in the Sodo area, and two further and geographically more wide reaching programmes designed to strengthen local farming cooperatives and unions, and to develop viable savings and credit cooperative structures respectively.


We work with amazing people to bring about positive and lasting changes in some of the world’s poorest places.

Our programmes are carried out with partner organisations so local people drive the whole process and, in turn, their own development.



Vita works in Ethiopia to tackle food insecurity in Chencha and Hammer Woredas. Vita supports communities to enhance crop and livestock production and generate off-farm income. Vita also understands the importance of protecting the natural resource base and works to conserve and where necessary rehabilitate local environments. Vita use Community Led Total Sanitation as an innovative community entry point strategy as a means to empower local communities to take responsibility for their own development.


VSO Ireland

VSO has been working in Ethiopia since 1996, and it is currently one of the largest country programmes with over 100 volunteers working in the areas of education and health.The majority of volunteers in Ethiopia are working in the area of education.

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