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Centro Italiano Aiuti all`Infanzia

CIAI, the Italian Association for Aid to Children, is a no profit organization founded in 1968. Since then, CIAI has dedicated itself to promoting the acknowledgement of all children as human beings and to defend their basic rights to live, to be healthy, to have a family , an education, to play and to be innocent everywhere in the world.




Comitato Collaborazione Medica

Cartina Etiopia CCM has been in Ethiopia since 1982.  At present it is working in the capital Addis Ababa, in the Oromia region and in the Somali province.



Comunitá Volontari per il Mondo

In Etiopia il progetto di prevenzione di AIDS/HIV va avanti da 10 anni, nella regione Amhara (progetto Prevenzione e cura AIDS in Amhara) e nella regione del Bunishangul-Gumuz ( progetto Prevenzione e cura AIDS nella reagione del Bunishangul-Gumuz). Nella Regione Amhara, le stime parlano di 900.000 persone sieropositive. Tra il 2001 e i primi sei mesi del 2005 sono state formate un totale di 20.776 persone. Per un totale di beneficiari di 10.500.000 persone. Nella regione del Benishangul-Gumuz l’intervento vede un ampio coinvolgimento della popolazione Gumuz. L’AIDS minaccia di cancellare questa società la sua cultura e tradizione.



Cooperazione Internazionale

COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale is a an independent and lay Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that fights against any kind of poverty to make the world a better place.

Founded in Milan in 1965 by Vincenzo Barbieri (Italian "father" of international volunteering), COOPI is an organization legally recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it acts to assist populations struck by emergency and to favour their civil, economic and social development.



Doctors with Africa

Doctors with Africa Cuamm’s presence in Ethiopia dates back to 1986. Its most important focus was first on the construction, and today the management, of the hospital of Wolisso in the Oromia region.



International Committee for the Development of Peoples

Founded in Rome in 1983, today CISP (The International Committee for the Development of Peoples) is active in over 30 countries worldwide in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The head office is located in Rome, with regional offices throughout Italy and worldwide. In the last 24 years we have carried out over 600 projects in 38 different countries, reaching millions of people.



International Volunteer Service for Development

VIS works in Ethiopia in different regions of the Country: from the main town Addis Abeba to Zway and Dilla in the south, to Adwa and Makallè in the north, to Gambela, on the border with Sudan.
The main activities developed with the Salesians are focused on children: primary and secondary schools and reception centres give accommodation to thousands of children coming from the poorest  parts of the town.



Lay Volunteers International Association

LVIA is an Italian organisation dealing with solidarity and international cooperation. We've been working since 1966 with the aim of fighting social inequality, food insecurity and poverty and of operating concretely for peace and human development.



Save the Children Italia

Save the Children opera in Etiopia dal 1984, fornendo cibo, servizi idrici e sanitari e sostiene le comunità nell'ambito della sicurezza alimentare, della salute, dell'HIV/AIDS, dell'istruzione.


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