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Ethiopia has been a focus country of Biovision since 2001. These projects have as their goal the widespread use of ecological methods for health promotion as well as for sustainable agriculture and land use. Biovision works with local partner organisations and the regional office of icipe in Addis Ababa. In project partnership with Helvetas, Biovision also supports the combined program for combating sleeping sickness in East Africa.



Green Ethiopia

  • to help indigent people in Ethiopia's remote, rural areas to take their future into their own hands
  • to sustainably enhance the living situation of the predominantly farming people in scant regions of Ethiopia
  • to fight soil erosion and the resulting insufficient harvests and its results (malnutrition, hunger dependance on foreign Aid and great indigence)


Pestalozzi Children´s Foundation

Growing up in remote rural areas far away from the nearest school, or making a living on the streets of urban settlements, children and young people often have no chance to take part in the education facilities available. It is precisely these children and young people in the regions Amhara, Oromia and Southern Peoples, Nations & Nationalities that the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation focuses on, with the aim of providing them with education and training.


Swiss Interchurch Aid

Those who are targeted for aid stand to gain a life of self-sufficiency and dignity. The initiatives engaged in to this end include safeguarding the provision of food and drinking water, promoting peace, strengthening civil society and imparting technical and social skills.


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