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Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger | ACF International is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger. Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, ACF works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in over 40 countries benefitting some five million people each year.


Action Ethiopia

Alongside our Water Development 2010 Project we also have a school support pack for teachers to use as part of curriculum teaching.

Also see our events page for linked H2O Walk for Water events happening over the next few months.


African Childrens Educational Trust

The independent responsive charity run by experienced, competent, caring and dedicated volunteers supporting vulnerable young Africans, principally Ethiopians, have higher aspirations and that self-confidence to achieve their potential through education.

Working through local organizations, A-CET is supporting thousands of youngsters with long-term scholarships and a community rural elementary school building programme for the most vulnerable and where NO FEES are charged.


AHEAD Charity

AHEAD's work in Ethiopia includes funding hostel for poor girls, interest free loan and support for needy families, training on health promotion and HIV/AIDs awareness. The Charity also distributes books and other educational materials to schools.



Andrew and Janice Proud, Ethiopia

USPG Mission Companions Andrew and Janice Proud have been based at St Matthew's Church, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, since 2002. Some of the churches he oversees are in the Gambella region that borders Sudan, including churches set up to provide help and encouragement for Sudanese refugees who fled civil war in their home country....

Asra Hawariat School Fund

Welcome to the Asra Hawariat School Fund web pages, which we hope will give you some idea of the work we are supporting in Ethiopia.

We believe that this is a special project - or rather, range of projects - as it is an all-Ethiopian affair, with a proven track record of over 40 years. It is an effective Ethiopian answer to Ethiopian problems, owned by the local people, and run by the man described by the New Internationalist (March 1973) as 'one of the most remarkable men in Africa today'.

Because the Asra Hawariat School Fund is a small charity without paid staff we have extremely low running costs - usually less that 2% of income. So your money goes where it is needed most.



Aysanew Kassa Trust

The Aysanew Kassa Trust was set up in memory of Aysanew Kassa, who lived in Azezo, just outside of Gondar in northern Ethiopia.
From an early age, Aysanew became aware of how important education was to the young people of his village and of his country. When his life as a lawyer took him not only away from his own community in Azezo but also out of his native country of Ethiopia, he still continued his links with his home village and did all he could to ensure that the poorer children of Azezo were given the opportunity to complete their education.



Book Aid International

Think of Ethiopia and poverty, drought, war and famine may spring to mind. But there are many fantastic community development projects underway there, and we are proud to support the local organisations doing this important work. 




Working with publishers, Book-Link sends educational books to Ethiopian schools. The publishers are happy to donate books which might otherwise be destroyed, but money is needed to ship them to Ethiopia. Shipping a container of 25,000 books costs around £2,500.

When the books arrive in Addis Ababa they are stored in the Ministry of Education's warehouse, where they are the responsibility of the Planning Committee, of which Book-Link is a member. The Committee allocates the books to the appropriate regions. It is ensured that none of the books are available for resale by marking them clearly.



Born Free Foundation

In conjunction with the Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia Wildlife Conservation Authority, Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA are developing plans to construct a Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre 30km from Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa.


British Red Cross

Providing clean water and sanitation in Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, one of the major health problems is water-borne disease, caused by a lack of safe water and poor sanitation. These issues are exacerbated by the shortage of medical staff and health facilities.


Care International UK

In Addis Ababa, CARE is reducing the number of children who are infected with HIV at birth by raising awareness about HIV and AIDS and how it can be prevented among women of childbearing age.

CARE is combining awareness-raising activities, such as community-led education campaigns and school anti-AIDS clubs, with voluntary counselling and testing services, where tests are carried out for a fraction of the cost of private testing.


Children of Ethiopia Aid

When one has travelled across the regions of Ethiopia and is exposed to the saddened faces of the children, one feels the urge that as much help as possible needs to be given.


Christian Aid

Beset by widespread poverty, regular droughts and food shortages, Ethiopia's increasing population faces a daily struggle to survive. Each year more than eight million people need government food aid. We work with the poorest communities to develop long term agricultural resources and to improve access to clean water as well as tackle HIV issues


Cornerstone Church

A registered charity, the Ethiopian Children's Ministry has been established independently of Cornerstone. The charity aims to help a number of children under the care of the pastor at the Rhema Gospel Church, the charity helps provide money for education, food, clothing and medical expenses for around forty children.


Dinkenesh Fund

The Dinkenesh Fund is a UK charity that helps needy animals in Ethiopia. The Fund was founded in 2000 by Mrs Kate Fereday Eshete, an Englishwoman who has lived and worked in the northern Ethiopian Highlands for a decade. Working with local partners in Ethiopia, the Fund supports projects for:Animal Vaccination and Birth Control, Primate Rescue and Release to the Wild and Education.
Please help us to help animals in Ethiopia - go to the GIVE section and make a donation.

Donkey Sanctuary

We have been working in Ethiopia since 1986 when we forged a working partnership with the University of Addis Ababa's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Debre Zeit, situated 30km south of Addis Ababa.

We have a busy donkey hospital to provide more extensive treatment to sick donkeys and mules. It is equipped with an operating theatre, laboratory and recovery stables. Approximately 250 donkeys are admitted each year. The hospital is also used as a training centre for donkey owners, vets and farriers.



Enable Ethiopia

Enable Ethiopia's mission is to work with communities in remote rural Ethiopia to help them improve their own lives.

We believe in working closely with the community so that they are actively involved in the selection of the projects, and are responsible for the projects' execution and sustainability.

Our role is to provide the necessary funding for the resources required and any technical assistance through the local partners.



Ethiopiaid aims to create lasting and positive change in Ethiopia by tackling the problems of poverty, ill health and poor education.

As a fundraising organisation, we donate directly to local community projects in Ethiopia. These partners already hold the answers, they simply need a helping hand from people like you to carry out their work.


Ethiopian Education Foundation

Each year eef grants up to 20 scholarships (boys & girls) to talented yet severely underprivileged children selected from across all racial and religious communities. Our scholarships include four years of fully paid tuition, for the period Grade 9-12, at the School of Tomorrow one of Ethiopia’s leading private schools, and an annual sum to cover uniform, books and registration fees.

For approximately 50% of our students who are without any supporting relatives, eef also provides a safe room and food at one of our student hostels.



Ethiopian Female Student Assistance Fund

EFSAF was formed as a company limited by Guarantee in May 2007 (Registered No 6260761). The prime objective of the Fund is to provide assistance in cash and kind to female students at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. The main selection criterion is that the students original home is situated outside of the Addis Ababa Municipality. Ethiopia is a huge country with restricted communications and many students studying in Addis Ababa are effectively deprived of the support of their families during the period of their studies. Although the Government pays for tuition and provides accommodation and food, the students experience difficulty in funding essential outlays such as soap and stationery. The charity recognises the particular vulnerability of girl students.


Exeter Ethiopia Link

In the mid-1980s Ethiopia’s droughts and consequent famine brought its desperate needs to everyone’s attention. Following a visit at that time, we established a community link between Exeter and a village in Ethiopia. Our aim is to encourage and support small but sustainable development projects – enabling communities and individuals to help themselves.



Facing Africa - NOMA

Noma (cancrum oris) is an acute and ravaging gangrenous infection affecting the face. The victims of Noma are mainly children under the age of 6, caught in a vicious circle of extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition.



Fairtrade Foundation

Tadesse works tirelessly to market Oromia’s coffee to Fairtrade, organic and speciality buyers around the world so that his members will get a just reward for their crop. In recent years he has promoted Oromia coffee on speaking tours across Australia and the US.


Farm Africa

Our community-led project in Ethiopia is working with over 3,000 pastoralists in South Omo to help them to develop and implement their own solutions to manage the impacts of drought and climate change.



We sleep and dreams come to replace the problems and the hunger. But people need more than dreams…



Gondar Eye Surgery

GEES is a small focused charity promoting eye services in Northern Ethiopia through support for the Eye Department at Gondar University in the centre of Amhara Region. The improving department and associated teaching will act as a template for improved eye care for rural Ethiopia and provide places for students from other parts of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.


Hanna´s Orphanage

Hanna's Orphanage is a small charity set up to help vulnerable children of Ethiopia by supporting the maintenance and expansion of Hanna Orphans Home. We fundraise in the UK for the orphanage, and provide the children with toys, books, clothes and anything else they need.


Health Poverty Action

In South Omo we are empowering pastoralists to prevent the spread of HIV. In the Bale Lowlands we are improving maternity services and access to sexual and reproductive health information for nomadic pastoralists.

In South Omo, we are setting up health outreach clinics and services in remote pastoralist communities.



Kindu Trust

The key focus of our work is our Child Sponsorship Programme, which supports children from very poor families from a young age right through to graduation from University or Vocational Training courses. We currently help around 300 families in Gondar, where our Ethiopian Office is based, Lalibela, Debark and Addis Ababa.


Link Ethiopia

We are a charity working to support education in Ethiopia and to increase cultural awareness between young people in Ethiopia and the UK.


Love Volunteers

Volunteering in Ethiopian projects includes working with children in orphanages, schools and in medical programs. Ethiopia volunteers live with local Ethiopian host families for the duration of their placement.


Marie Stopes International

We are one of the largest international family planning organisations in the world. Millions of the world's poorest and most vulnerable women trust Marie Stopes International to provide them with quality family planning and reproductive Healthcare.


Maternity Worlwide

Established in 2002 by our Founders, Adrian Brown & Shane Duffy, Maternity Worldwide has been the result of combining the ambitions and frustrations of a small group of professionals who share a great enthusiasm to improve obstetric care for women and reduce maternal mortality in developing countries.

In 2002 Maternity Worldwide was invited by Adventist Health International (AHI) to help develop maternity services for Western Ethiopia. Maternity Worldwide has been responsible for running the delivery unit in a new hospital in Gimbie, Western Ethiopia which opened in August 2003. We provided skilled maternity staff and have established a fund to help those least able to pay for care.




Merlin is supporting 150 health posts and 12 health centres in 12 districts in the Oromiya Region.

These clinics provide nutrition and immunisation services targeting the most vulnerable such as under 5 children, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.




Mossy Foot UK

Mossy Foot (also known as Podoconiosis or "Podo") is a non-infectious disease causing massive swelling of the legs leading to pain, disability and social exclusion.

The purpose of Mossy Foot UK is to combat podo using a range of approaches that include communication, treatment and social projects.

At present our support is concentrated on a group of NGO-run schemes in Ethiopia, the country where there is probably the highest density of cases.

A great deal can be done to help: often simple, inexpensive measures have dramatic results.



The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital has brought its blindness prevention and treatment skills to numerous countries in Africa, including Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Mali, Malawi, Botsana, Kenya and Burkina Faso.
ORBIS opened a permanent office in Ethiopia in 1999 and began operating long-term, hospital-based programs in Ethiopia at that time. Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa, following Nigeria



OXFAM in Ethiopia



Gebru Kahsay inspects his teff field with his grandson. Supporting farmers is a major element

of Oxfam's programme in Ethiopia. Photo: Eva-Lotta Jansson/Oxfam America



Project Harar Ethiopia


We help rural children access medical care so they can eat, speak and smile like everyone else. More than one child in every 600 is born with or sustains a severe disability affecting their face. For the 85% living in rural poverty we are a bridge to professional medical care. See how we work with local doctors and communities to change lives.




Rainbows4children is an independent foundation set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson and provides education for children in Ethiopia, primarily the children of adults with disabilities.


Send a Cow

“We’re not just giving training and seeds or cows. We are helping Ethiopian farmers to understand their potential, and the potential of their land. We are opening up their eyes and their minds.”

Aklilu Dogisso, Country Director, Send a Cow Ethiopia



SMCF Ethiopia

SMCF promotes the welfare of children in disadvantaged urban Ethiopian communities through supporting community-led projects and by raising awareness in the UK. We work in close partnership with Ethiopian organisations to achieve our aim.




SPANA's two mobile clinics support the busy veterinary clinic in Debre Zeit. Scarred by food crisis, civil war and horrendous poverty, Ethiopia’s 2.75 million horses and many donkeys are often sick, injured and overworked.



Tropical Health & Education Trust

THET has worked in Ethiopia for 20 years, supporting skills development of frontline health workers such as nurses, midwives and health officers. Other programmes include care of chronic disease in the community and support to health facilities in areas such as lab services, management and record keeping. We collaborate with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and with regional administrations to ensure our work supports national health priorities and the development of health systems in the country.



Warwick School of Law Project

We are a Capacity Building Project in postgraduate legal education and legal scholarship. Established in 2008, our objective is to build capacity using an organic methodology that allows for a positive and sustainable evolution of a postgraduate legal education and legal scholarship framework and culture in Ethiopia.




Water Aid      

To date, WaterAid in Ethiopia has funded more than 50 water and sanitation projects and a number of institutional development and capacity building projects. So far, more than 900,000 Ethiopians have benefited from WaterAid funded projects.



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